Our Story

Regelica is the brainchild of two friends with a shared passion for great skincare, but very different skin.

Elisa, whose roots are Asian, was blessed with a naturally thicker dermis and abundant collagen. Despite her inherently youthful look, her skin had a weaker barrier and craved hydration. Eastern European-born Regina, although 15 years younger than Elisa, had delicate, thinner skin that was aging much more rapidly. Together, the two decided to delve into the science behind these differences to create a skincare brand that would benefit all skin morphologies, tones and genders.

Regelica products are designed to visibly boost skin density and preserve the integrity of the skin barrier without the use of harsh actives. Using bakuchiol and other powerful yet gentle botanicals, they address the needs of both thicker and thinner skin types.

Regelica’s Founder, Elisa Park

"Throughout my 20 years living in America, people were often amazed at how Asian skin resists age. Driven by the curiosity to learn the real secret behind age-resilient skin, I partnered with the best-in-class skin morphology researchers and Korean beauty labs to bring innovative skincare solutions to people of all skin types, tones, structures, and genders."

Made in KOREA. Made for ALL.

Botanical Innovation as Alternatives to Harsh Ingredients​

Regelica is a woman, a goddess, a queen that tames the snake. 

Our empowerment formulas are designed to help individuals confront their vulnerabilities head-on, allowing them to open themselves up to new experiences and cultivate resilience. By taming the "snake," you develop a thicker skin—both literally and figuratively.

Empowerment Formulas​

We truly believe in the power of skincare. It’s not just creams or serums. It’s the energy you get by looking in the mirror. This is the energy you give to your family, co-workers, and friends. We wanted to deliver truly empowering, multi-tasking products to your skincare routine, the kind of products that bring proven results without the fluff, and fit your demanding schedule. ​

Regelica’s Bakuchiol + Niacinamide Anti-Aging cream formula started it all. “Thick skin is the secret of resilience” applies to skincare formulation, but it also applies to navigating the challenges of the modern world. We work hard so that our products bring you confidence and the power to persevere in your journey, whatever it might be.​

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